HT Team Member

Showcase your valuable team members using the Elementor page builder.

HT Team Member - HT Team Member for Elementor

HT Team Member for Elementor is a plugin that lets you build awesome and unique team member sections with one-click responsive layouts. With this interactive and useful tool, you can create unlimited team member sections on your website; customize their design in just seconds without needing any coding experience whatsoever!

HT Team Members Plugin may come in handy for anyone who wants more convenience to create a section on their site to showcase the team members. It comes preloaded with all needed features, yet there are settings that let the user tweak as much detail as wanted making it easy even if someone has never coded before.

This plugin is a great way to create dynamic and engaging content. You can have customizable settings like color style, font size, font family, image layout which will make your site stand out from the rest! You have the option of adding an unlimited number of team members who are easily added by entering their Image/Avatar, Name, Designation (title), Description in Custom Fields.

Feature List of HT Team Member for Elementor:

  • 7+ Preset Design Team Member Style
  • Team Member Styling Options
  • Mobile and Tablet Display Options.
  • Social Media Icons.
  • Fully Responsive and Mobile friendly.
  • Fully Customizable.
  • Select how many members to Display.
  • Add/Delete/Edit Option.
  • Mouse Draggable.
  • Awesome Animation Effect.


Pro Version with Agency Plan
Compatible With:
Latest Version of WordPress and WooCommerce