Multi Currency Pro

WooCommerce Currency Switcher Plugin

Multi Currency Pro - WooCommerce currency switcher plugin

Multi Currency Pro is an outstanding and efficient WooCommerce currency switcher plugin that enables your online store visitors to switch to their preferred currency or their country’s currency very easily. By using it, you can show all your prices in the desired currencies so customers know in which currency they will pay upfront before placing the order. It allows you to add many currencies as you prefer to add with no limitation!

This plugin will give you a lot of flexibility with your WooCommerce store. Another amazing feature is that it allows you to offer products in multiple currencies and while offering the ability to set up different payment methods for each currency. For example, if you want both PayPal and bank transfer as payment options for USD but just PayPal for another currency, you may activate this from the settings.

That’s not all; you can also set up the widget position and shortcodes to set up multiple currencies in your store using this excellent WooCommerce multi-currency switcher plugin.

So, with a versatile WooCommerce currency converter plugin like Multi-Currency Pro, you’ll be able to increase sales conversions by showing initial prices in different currencies from the same point of sale with just one click away!

Feature List of Multi Currency Pro – WooCommerce Currency Switcher Plugin:

  • Currency Wise payment Method
  • Widget Position and shortcodes.
  • Unlimited currencies.
  • Well-documented.


Multi Currency Pro for WooCommerce


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