Turn your basic WooCommerce Website into a Wholesale Store

WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Plugin - Whols

Whols is a WooCommerce Wholesale Prices plugin that allows you to set wholesale prices for your products. This WooCommerce wholesale prices plugin enables you to show special or “wholesale” price ranges on your website and display them only if the customer has completed a WooCommerce wholesale registration form to become a wholesaler. After completing this simple process of registering as a wholesaler, a customer will be able to access the wholesale deals automatically without any hassle.

The Whols Woocommerce wholesale prices plugin gives you plenty of features to manage your WooCommerce store perfectly for the wholesalers. As basic features, you can use Wholesaler registration form shortcode, assign WooCommerce wholesale roles for the customers, apply wholesale prices globally, enable minimum products to buy, show/hide retailer price from the wholesalers, display how much a customer can save after purchase, allow free shipping for wholesalers and so on.

Given that there are tons of basic features in the Whols WooCommerce Wholesale plugin, the premium version extends the functionalities by introducing many more astounding features for a modern and ideal eCommerce site for wholesalers. For instance, you can create and manage unlimited user role, control the payment method, set product price category wise, restricts wholesale store access and plenty more.

In all, Whols is an ideal tool to introduce Wholesale Prices to a WooCommerce Store effortlessly and quickly.

Feature List of WooCommerce Wholesale Prices plugin:

  • Wholesaler registration form shortcode
  • Admin can manage the wholesaler request manually OR Auto approve can be set
  • Set wholesale prices on Simple or Variable Products
  • Enable minimum product to buy
  • Shows wholesale pricing info on the shop page as well as product detail page
  • Redirect to a specific page after completed registration
  • Registration successful message customization
  • Hide price for guest users
  • Wholesaler request management (Approve / Reject)
  • Payment methods (gateway) control
  • Role wise disable payment method
  • Role wise free shipping
  • No coding knowledge required. 


Question: How many wholesale user roles can be created and managed using this special plugin for Wholesale Price for WooCommerce?

Answer: In the free version, you can create and manage one user role while the pro version allows creating unlimited user roles.

Question: Can I restrict wholesale store access?

Answer: In the pro version of this WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin, this feature is available.

Question : Can flat or percent Woocommerce wholesale discount prices be added on wholesale products?

Answer: Yes, you can.

Question: Can I show or hide the retailer price from wholesale customers in this WooCommerce wholesale extension plugin?

Answer: Yes, this functionality is available.

Question: On which pages can the wholesale pricing info be shown by adding Wholesale Bulk Pricing on my WooCommerce store?

Answer: Wholesale pricing info can be shown on the shop page as well as the product detail page.

Question: What things can be hidden and from whom while using this Wholesale For WooCommerce plugin?

Answer: You can hide wholesale prices for guest users, “wholesale only products from other customers and general products from the wholesalers.


Whols WooCommerce Wholesale Prices


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