Product Variation Swatches

Product Variation Swatches For WooCommerce Products

Using Product Variation Swatches For WooCommerce products instead of the traditional dropdown method of displaying product variants offers great convenience for your customers and gives your store a professional appearance. A modern and ideal WooCommerce variation module like Product Variation Swatches is certainly useful if you’re searching for a unique and straightforward approach to letting your customers select  WooCommerce product variations for different types of attributes.

This state-of-art WooCommerce variation swatches plugin can be used for both WooCommerce color swatches as well as WooCommerce image swatches. There are plenty of easy settings for Woocommerce swatches by which you can set swatch types, swatch shape styles, alignment, image type for image variation swatches, and so on.

Moreover, this exclusive WooCommerce swatches plugin enables you to convert variation dropdowns into label/button type swatches automatically. Plus, you can personalize global settings for a single product and product list page individually and override global swatch settings for each product uniquely.

All of these useful features are packaged in a user-friendly and responsive back-end interface, making this plugin stand out as a great option to get the functionality of variation swatches for WooCommerce.

Feature List of Product Variation Swatches For WooCommerce:

  • 3 different Swatch types (label, color, image)
  • 3 different Swatch Shapes Style (Squared, Rounded, Circle)
  • Enable/Disable Shape inset
  • Shape Inset size
  • Swatches Alignment (Left, Center, Right)
  • Set Swatch width, height & font size
  • Auto convert variation dropdowns to label/button type swatch
  • Customize global settings for a single product/product list page separately
  • Override global swatch settings for each product individually
  • Deselect On Click
  • Disable showing Out of Stock variation from swatch items
  • Disabled Attribute Type (Cross Sign, Blur with Cross, Blur Only, Hide)
  • Set image size for image type swatches
  • Enable/Disable tooltip
  • 2 different tooltip types (text, image)
  • Show selected option name on single product page
  • Variation Label Separator
  • Responsive for mobile device
  • Swatch Preview Column for Admin
  • Easy to use backend interface
  • No coding required


Question: Why should one use the “Product variation swatches” for the WooCommerce module?

Answer: This plugin should be considered by anyone who runs a WooCommerce-based online store and wants to replace the typical dropdown variation selectors with appealing swatches.

Question: Does this WooCommerce swatches plugin come with detailed documentation?

Answer: Being one of the best WooCommerce variation swatches plugins, it comes with detailed documentation.

Question: Does this WooCommerce variation swatches plugin have a free version?

Answer: Yes, this plugin has a free version.

Question: In which forms does this WooCommerce attribute variation swatches module display product variation swatches?

Answer: This amazing WooCommerce product swatches plugin has 3 types of swatches and they are label, color, and image.

Question: Can the user set the image size for image variation swatches?

Answer: Yes, it is possible.


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