Product Filter for WooCommerce

UpFilter - Product Filter for WooCommerce

UpFilter is a unique Product Filter for WooCommerce plugin that is designed to be an exceedingly powerful tool for any WooCommerce site owner as it allows your potential buyers to find the perfect products with just a few clicks by sorting through your catalog!

Since your site visitors can filter products by taxonomy, attributes, price range, size, and much more, sorting out the right products for your customers will be easier and faster than ever! Therefore, customer satisfaction will skyrocket, thanks to this superb product filtering solution for WooCommerce!

With support for Widgets and Shortcodes, the plugin empowers you to place a filter list literally anywhere on your website. It has a very user-friendly interface that allows the site owner to easily adjust numerous filter settings. This plugin’s excellent Ajax Product Filter feature allows your customers to filter goods based on taxonomies, attributes, price ranges, and other criteria without having to wait for the page to load.

In a word, the UpFilter plugin helps you convert your potential customers into active buyers by providing fast, modern filtering options. Try this amazing plugin and add convenient and user-friendly product filtering options to your WooCommerce website.

Feature List of UpFilter – Product Filter for WooCommerce Plugin:

  • Advanced AJAX filter options by all Taxonomies (Category, Tag, etc.), Attributes (Color, Size, etc.), Price Range, Search Field, and Sorting Options.
  • Option to Enable/Disable AJAX filter.
  • Taxonomies and Attributes can be displayed in the form of Checkbox, Radio, and Select.
  • Sorting options can be displayed in the form of both Radio and Select.
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Compatible With:
Latest Version of WordPress and WooCommerce