Change Log

Get a better understanding of what has been added, improved, or, fixed so far in the WooLentor plugin and check the relevant functionalities.

Date: 24-01-2022 ( 1.8.5 )

Date: 15-01-2022 ( 1.8.4 )

Date: 02-01-2022 ( 1.8.3 )

Date: 07-12-2021 ( 1.8.2 )

Date: 29-11-2021 ( 1.8.1 )

1. Added : Template builder option added from own post type. (Free)
2. Added : Image show in order overview table in checkout page.(Pro)
3. Added : Option to use coupon form anywhere on the checkout page.(Pro)
4. Added : Shopify Style checkout page.(Free)
5. Added : Template import option from previously assigned templates(Free)
6. Added : Side Mini Cart button style options. 7. Added : Option to use login form anywhere on the checkout page.(Pro)
8. Solved : Related product addon data showing issue in Elementor editor.(Free)
9. Solved : Add To cart button showing issue in Elementor editor.(Free)

Date: 13-11-2021 ( 1.8.0 )

1. Improved : Settings panel design.
2. Solved : Sale badge showing issue in product gallery addon.
3. Capability with latest Elementor and WooComemrce Version.

Date: 27-09-2021 ( 1.7.3 )

1. Added: Advance Rename Label Options.
2. Added:  Advance Sale notifications.
3. Updated:  Documentation link.
4. Removed:  Unnecessary fields from Polylang config file.
5. Removed:  Gutenberg blocks if Classic Editor is installed.
1. Added: Style option in multi-step checkout page addon.
2. Fixed:  Checkout page default county field.
3. Optimized:  Some codes in the widget control panel.
4. Updated:  Documentation link.
5. Fixed:  Random ordering issue in custom archive addon.

Date: 15-09-2021 ( 1.7.2 )

1. Solved product column issue.
2. Solved alignment icon showing issue.

Date: 30-08-2021 ( 1.7.1 )

1. Solved Video gallery addon variation image change issue.
2. Solved product column space issue.
3. Solved Multi-Step Checkout page shipping form show hide issue.

Date: 08-08-2021 ( 1.7.0 )

1. Added product responsive column option.
2. Solved Translate issue.

Date: 27-07-2021 ( 1.6.9 )

1. Added Title tag change option in universal layout
2. Added Product Archive page template override global option
3. Added Quantity Field style option in cart table addon
4. Solved Variation image showing issue in Quick View
5. Solved Slick slider console error

Date: 19-07-2021 ( 1.6.8 )

1. Solved variation image showing issue in Advanced image addon and Image zoom addon.
2. Solved default shipping country selection style issue.
3. Solved data translate issue in few addons.
4. Solved list view / grid view showing issue in Custom Archive Layout addon.

Date: 21-06-2021 ( 1.6.7 )

1. Added pagination typography option in archive layout.
2. Added typography and color option for sorting and result count.
3. Added count manage option in category grid addon.
4. Added custom content and elementor template option in WL: My account page addon.
5. Added custom image option in WL My account addon.
6. Added default content remove option in WL My account addon.
7. Added remove button style option in WL: Cart table addon.
8. Added disable adjusting quantity field option in WL: Cart table addon.
9. Added product link remove option in WL: Cart table addon.
10. Added category showing option in WL: Cart table addon.
11. Added stock status showing option in WL: Cart table addon.
12. serialize data pass from quick cart ajax request.
13. Solved spelling mistake.
14. Solved related product column issue.
15. Solved sale notification ( Price, By ) translate issue.

Date: 24-05-2021 ( 1.6.6 )

1. Added product brand showing option in Universal layout
2. Added WooLentor product option tab index.
3. Added hide out of stock item option.
4. Added Stock progressbar option in (Upsale, Cross sale and Related product custom addon).
5. Added category grid box border color option.
6. Added checkout page addon dependency for Multi-Step checkout page.
7. Solved product column issue ( For JetBuilder plugin )
8. Solved Tax Query conflick issue (For YITH WooCommerce Auctions premium )
9. Solved feature product showing issue.
10. Solved order note showing issue.
11. Solved manually product showing issue.
12. Solved Multi-step checkout page responsive issue.
13. Solved Quantity field value showing issue for Hello Elementor theme.
14. Solved Elementor editor load issue with page layout theme.
15. Solved current theme product style item specing issue.
16. Solved sale badge style issue for twentytwentyone theme.

Date: 11-04-2021 ( 1.6.5 )

1. Form serialize data send from ajax single product add to cart request.
2. Solved quick view add to cart button adding products without selecting variations issue.
3. Solved sale notification time interval issue.
4. Added notification duration time option.
5. Added style option for sticky add to cart button.
6. Solved checkout page select field custom value showing issue.
7. Solved checkout page field class generate issue.
8. Added table border option in cart table addon.
9. Solved filterable gird responsive issue.
10. Solved cart page quantity field padding issue for Hello elementor theme.
11. Solved multi-step checkout page addon responsive issue.
12. Compatible with Elementor latest version

Date: 11-04-2021 ( 1.6.4 )

1. Added variation product quick cart option in universal layout.
2. Added style option for side mini cart.
3. Added style option in Multi-step checkout addon.
4. Added style option in ajax search addon.
5. Added side mini cart change option
6. Solved Quickview variation data showing the issue.
7. Added Quickview variation product ajax add to cart.
8. Added ajax search widget close option after click outside.
9. Solved Quickview z-index issue.
10. Solved universal product layout slider issue for OceanWP theme.

Date: 24-03-2021 ( 1.6.3 )

1. Added 5 extension addon.
2. Added image size option in 5 addon.

Date: 18-03-2021 ( 1.6.2 )

1. Improved admin panel style.
2. Added extension menu.
3. Fixed minor bugs.

Date: 10-03-2021 ( 1.6.1 )

1. Added Multi Step Checkout
2. Added sale badge option in filterable gallery addon.
3. Added pagination alignment option.
4. Solved quick view problem with ocean WP theme

Date: 22-02-2021 ( 1.6.0 )

1. Capability with ever compare and wishsuite plugins.
2. Added category before border hide option in universal layout.
3. Increase sale badge style option.
4. Template wise class added in the body for template global style option.
5. Reduce API call.

Date: 07-01-2021 ( 1.5.9 )

1. Added Dynamic Pricing Rule option.
2. Added an option for redirecting to the Checkout directly from the Add to Cart option.
3. Added buy one get one option for the products.
4. Added Mini cart builder.
5. Added more styling options for the Order Review table.
6. Fixed archive page broken issue.
7. Fixed search results page issue.
8. Fixed product ordering issue on the shop page.
9. Fixed the styling issues of the Universal tab menu.
10. Added Expanding Product grid addon.
11. Added Filterable product grid addon.

Date: 26-12-2020 ( 1.5.8 )

1. Store Features addon added
2. Faq addon added
3. Testimonial addon added
4. One page slider addon added
5. Category Grid addon added
6. Product Grid Addon added
7. Minor Bug fixed addon added

Date: 08-12-2020

1. Capability to customize the search results page
2. SG Optimizer plugin Compatibility
3. Product filter issue solved

Date: 05-12-2020

1. Product Horizontal Filter Addon added.
2. Minor Bug fixing

Date: 25-11-2020

1. Product Filter Addon added.
2. Minor Bug fixing

Date: 14-11-2020 ( 1.5.3 )

1. Rating icon improve.
2. Product page option added(Percentage, Custom)
3. License deactivation issue solved.
4. Template library improve
5. Checkout page addon style issue solved.
6. WOOF Filter Support
7. Minor Bug fixing

Date: 12-10-2020

1. Description Showing option added in Archive Layout Addon.
2. Sale badge discount and percent option added

Date: 01-10-2020

1. Cart page Shipping Duplicate message issue solved.
2. Capability with the latest WooCommerce

Date: 01-09-2020

1. Thumbnails with Zoom addon added

Date: 11-08-2020

1. Thumbnails tab with slider option added in advance product image addon
2. Compatibility with WooCommerce Germanized plugin.

Date: 22-07-2020

1. Image marker addon added.
2. Customer Review addon added.
3. Empty cart elementor style issue solved.

Date: 22-07-2020

1. Image marker addon added.
2. Customer Review addon added.
3. Empty cart elementor style issue solved.

Date: 12-07-2020

1. Checkout page custom data order and email showing issue solved.

Date: 04-07-2020

1. Add to cart text showing option added in universal layout.
2. WooCommerce Checkout Addons plugin support.
3. Checkout Order Table title change option added

Date: 28-06-2020

1. QR Code Generator Addon Added.

Date: 27-06-2020

1. Stock Management Progress Bar Option added in universal product layout and Archive page.

Date: 17-06-2020

1. Post Duplicator Option Added.

Date: 30-05-2020

1. Category View Addon Added.
2. Brand Logo Addon Added.

Date: 06-05-2020

1. Editor Mode default data show.
2. 10 Home page added in template library.
3. Side Mini Cart added.
4. Cross Sale, Up sale Slider issue solved.
5. Default color setting add for universal layout.

Date: 24-04-2020

1. Template Library Improve.
2. Mobile and Tablet Column support in Universal Layout.
3. Fake notification problem solved.
4. Ajax search autocomplete problem solved. Add CSS clear the ‘X’ from Chrome and Internet Explorer.
5. Admin Promo banner ajax dismiss added.

Date: 11-04-2020

1. Checkout Page All Filed Customize Option added.
2. Quick view layout builder added.
3. Scripts Dependency added

Date: 26-03-2020

1. Cart page table action control option added.
2. Cart total table heading, cell label change option added in Cart Total Addons.
3. Cross-Sell Product Custom layout Addon added
4. Upsell Product Custom layout Addon added

Date: 19-03-2020

1. Cart page table customize option.
2. Child category wise product showing option added in universal layout.
3. Related product custom layout added.

Date: 24-02-2020

1. Checkout page top Content Modify option added
2. Checkout Coupon Form Addon Added
3. Checkout Login Form Addon Added
4. My Account Navigation position option added

Date: 17-02-2020

1. WooCommerce Brand Plugins Compatibility
2. Full width Page Container Padding Issue solved
3. My Account page Addon Added
4. 10 Home Page Added In library

Date: 11-01-2020

1. Tab Menu Ordering Issue solved
2. Template Library QuickView Added
3. Advanced Image Gallery Duplicate Thumbnails Image showing issue solved
4. Empty Cart Message and Redirect Button Addon added

Date: 29-12-2019

1. QuickView Loader Added
2. QuickView Uniqe Classes
3. Universal Layout a Features product showing issue solved
4. Universal Layout Pagination and Navigation Position Options added
5. QuickView Content Overlapping issue Solved
6. Action Button style option added in WL: Product Tab Addons
7. Product Tab layout a features product showing issue solved
8. Options page responsive issue solved
9. TI Wishlist Compatibility
10. Category Wise Product showing options added to Custom Archive Universal layout
11. Add to cart Sticky Notification Added
12. Product description showing options added in Universal layout

Date: 08-12-2019

1. Universal layout Hide options ( Title, Price, ratting )
2. Universal layout spacing options add in ( Title, Price, ratting, category )
3. Universal layout Tab Menu area spacing control options added
4. Universal layout Slider column width issue solved
5. Product Out of stock status added
6.  Single Product Ajax Add to cart

Date: 29-11-2019

1. Ajax Search Form Added ( Widgets, Elementor Addons, Short code )
2. Archive page product render issue fixed
3. Show thumbnails image first for thumbnails slider ( Universal layout, archive layout, Advance image thumbnails )

Date: 12-11-2019

1. Elementor Product Load limit Option added.

Date: 03-11-2019

1. Call For Price Addon Added.
2. Suggest Price Addon Added.
3. Universal Layout Fetures Product Show by category wise option added.
4. Universal Layout Tags Wise Product show option added.
5. Archive page Viewing Mode Option added ( Now User choose to list view or grid view mode )
6. Add to cart button style option add in archive product page list view mode.
7. Quickview button style option add in archive product page list view mode.

Date: 25-10-2019

1. Special Day Offer addons added.

Date: 12-10-2019

1. Compatibility WooCommerce Brand Plugin.
2. Sale Schedule Counter Addon For Single Product page added.
3. Universal Layout Custom Order issue Fix.
4. Universal Layout tab with thumbnails slider image load issue fix.

Date: 10-09-2019

1. Sales Notification Design Improved.

Date: 09-09-2019

1. Sales Notification added.

Date: 03-09-2019

1. Rename many fields and button option added.
2. License and auto-update system added.

Date: 02-09-2019

1. Videos in Product Gallery (According to a Customer Request)
2. Cart Page, Checkout Page, Thankyou Page, My Account Page Editor Mode Preview Added.

Date: 04-08-2019

1. Template laibrary UI improved.
2. Stock Progressbar Setting improved.
3. Product grid column control option for mobile and tabtet device.

Date: 06-07-2019

1. Available Stock Progress Bar Added.
2. Product Title Character Limit option added.
3. Element On / Off Toggler Added.

Date: 27-07-2019

1. Includes template library

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