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What Benefits Did It Bring?

WooLentor provides you with the flexibility to create a custom template that can be assigned
for the Cart page of your store.

One Click Setup

No need to hire a developer. No need to learn to code. Just use WooLentor for free and build your own shop page template for your online store with a single click from the setting panel.

Design an amazing cart page template rapidly

With WooLentor, you can design your own cart page without any code within a few moments. It’s easy, fast, and free – just install the plugin in your store and start building!

Increase conversion rate

Boost conversion rates for your online store with WooLentor’s powerful features such as beautiful graphics, easy navigation, faster checkout process, etc.

Shop Template Layout

Tired of losing your customers to other sites because of the clunky Cart page?

You need to stand out from the competition with a gorgeous, custom Cart page for your WooCommerce store.
But you want to avoid the costs of hiring a designer. WooLentor is the perfect solution!

Cart Template Demo

WooLentor also allows you to create custom templates for the perfect design.
Choose one of the styles or customize easily your site following your ideas.

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We value the many happy smiles that our clients give us after using our top-notch services.

“A support Technician reached out within good time to offer a refund and concern for a query that could of been confused by an out of date post. Worked issue out and managed to get the service from the plugin that I was looking for. Functionality is all there for an eCommerce website.”

andrea0k – (@andrea0k)

“The customer support from the live chat of the App is fast and professional. He teaches me to step by step solving my problem within 20 minutes. Without the help, I think I’ll need to work for hours. So, thank you very much. The plugin is great and the support is super!”

simonchengyl – (@simonchengyl)

“This plugin offers great functionality and options! But the best part of this plugin is definitely the support team! They are extremely helpful, responding quickly and expertly to any issue/doubt! I absolutely recommend this plugin! That’s just perfect, Thank you so much.”

pradopablo – (@pradopablo)

“A lot of courage to the whole team for your work and thank you for your efficient support.”

parfaitbene – (@parfaitbene)

“Thank you to the support staff, I contacted them and they went above and beyond to help me.”

mencprinsloo – (@mencprinsloo)

“They made an update to make the plugin work with other plugins that I am using. That’s just perfect. Thank you so much.”

rojvansu – (@rojvansu)

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