WooLentor Templates

Start using WooLentor’s advanced templates to enhance the functionality and power
of your WooCommerce website without the need for any other tools.

Shop Template

Using our pre-made “Shop” template, you can quickly create a visually appealing Shop page for WooCommerce.

Single Page Template

Utilize the pre-built “Single” page template to create a most profitable single page while increasing conversion rates.

Cart Template

Use our Cart page template to make a user-friendly cart and empty cart page for your consumers.

Checkout Template

WooLentor’s intuitive checkout page template contains ready-to-use elements to create a convenient checkout page.

My Account Template

The ready “My Account” page template empowers creating a good-looking My Account Page easily & effectively.

Thank You Template

Warmly greet your clients by using the pre-made, editable Woolentor template for the thank-you page.

Quick View Template

Give your consumers the greatest experience possible by using a WooLentor ready template for a Quick View.

Email Customizer Template

Users can easily update their WooCommerce email templates using WooLentor’s Email Customizer Module.

Archive Template

The amazing Archive Page Template allows you to display every product collectively in a single area.

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