Great Support Team

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niyazbrandemic (@niyazbrandemic)

As always the best support from the Shoplentor team.

Best plugin and support

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jleather (@jleather)

Great plugin, best support and quick response.

Excellent support!

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jorrgett (@jorrgett)

I had some issue with the plugin, they fix it very well, fast and professionally.

5* support

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colourinvasion (@colourinvasion)

Great support

Fast response. Great support!

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tombio (@tombio)

Support is prompt and appropriate.


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milleaimeconseil (@milleaimeconseil)

Awesome plugin, I love the look it gives to my shop and the support is wonderful. I can’t thank Kamal enough for the time he took helping me to resolve my issues. Merci merci !

Thanks a lot for your plugin & supporting

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damdane (@damdane)

Thanks a lot for your plugin & You were kind to me to solve the problem I hope your team progresses day by day.

Best Support Ever

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pattarapan (@pattarapan)

I encountered a few problems setting up WooLentor on my website and I reached out to the support team. They are really willing to help me sort out my problems. I could feel that they carefully read through my messages in details and they did not only reply me back with a solution but they also help me correct my setup mistakes via temporary access to my site – which is extremely helpful for a newbie like me. To be fair, I think the plugin has yet been perfect. In my opinion, there’s still room for improvements; however, considering how much they are helpful when a problem arises, I cannot give them any other rating but a 5-star!

Woolentor is the best plugin that could be created <3

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wolnosc95 (@wolnosc95)

Recently, the company I work for bought the "Agency" package and it was the best decision the company made <3 I make online stores every day and in my opinion there is no better Elementor add-on than Woolentor PRO <3 Woolentor has frequent updates <3 Woolentor has a very large amount of additives <3 The support Woolentor has is the best I have experienced so far <3 In two words, Woolentor PRO: it's the best

Excellent for ecommerce

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planterralk (@planterralk)

This plugin is a real godsend. Single handedly it solves some of the limitations you get with the free versions of WooCommerce and Elementor. Support they offer is also top rated. I highly recommend WooLentor for any novice or seasoned professional building ecommerce websites.

Awesome support!

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nielsdonders (@nielsdonders)

I’ve had a few issues with the templates, but support has been great solving the issues within hours. Overall happy with the plugin, providing me plenty of customization options.

Amazing support

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admin6484 (@admin6484)

I recommand, the support was kindly and very efficient !

Pro version: Moved from jetwoobuilder – much better

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jackreeves (@jackreeves)

Felt like with JetWooBuilder from Croco i was always chasing elementor updates and everything kept breaking, all of the time. This has been a godsend. Also founder is super communicative and also reached out on facebook messenger after posting a question in the fb group.

Pro version is worth your money. Great plugin, great support team.

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bentcreative (@bentcreative)

I was building an eCommerce site for a client on WordPress using Elementor and Woocommerce and I was stuck hunting through Woocommerce docs looking for various .php strings to change some of the design on the cart and checkout pages when I came across WooLentor. I installed the plugin to test the functionality and everything just worked. WooLentor cleverly combines Woocommerce’s widgets with Elementor’s granular design control. WooLentor makes designing the “cart,” “checkout,” “account,” and every other Woocommerce page as simple as using any other page that one would normally build with Elementor. I ran into a small error on one of my pages that was due to the WooLentor plugin and I contacted their support team for assistance—they got back to me within one hour and made the requested fixes within 24 hours. I was simply amazed.

Amazing Support

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webloader1 (@webloader1)

I can’t believe how amazing the support is. Not only did they give instructions of how to fix the issue they went above and beyond to fix it for me before coming back to me. World class service – Thank You

Great addon!

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liberaladvance (@liberaladvance)

I was about to get on here and complain about this plugin. I couldn’t get product images to appear on the single product page. I disabled every addon and it still didn’t work. Then I thought it might be the theme I was using.. and that was the problem. Woolentor didn’t work with the theme I was using, so.. I switched to OceansWP theme and now everything works.

Great Plugin, Even Better Support

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haightme (@haightme)

These guys are great, I love the product and how well it works with Woocom and Elementor. Support team rocks!

Very usefull pluigin

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adamkoll (@adamkoll)

Very useful plugin, great support

universal product layout sale badge

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bar44gr (@bar44gr)

the best support team I had a problem with my website and the support team answered my in minutes I really recommend using this plugin

great plugin and great support – even for non paid users.

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tonydidsbury (@tonydidsbury)

I requested that the prices/titles etc were all set to the same level on the universal product element (sometimes longer titles will make everything unjustified). Considering they are on the other side of the world it took 2 days for them to sort my query. Hopefully my issue is something they will be implementing into a future release.

Great plugin, excellent support!

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dnboria (@dnboria)

Thanks for support!!!

Great Plug-in and wonderful Support Team!

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alexprofi (@alexprofi)

A very useful plugin. There were questions, but the support quickly explained everything. I would like more settings in the free version ???? Hope they make them …

Tremendous Support

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Nic Windley (@nisiwi)

No plugin is without its problems and occasionally I have found an issue with WooLentor, however, what is most impressive is the speed of response and the fact that these issues get resolved and I can get on with things.

Exceptional Support Delivery

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nouako (@nouako)

I am truly impressed. On two occasions, the Has Themes support team delivered support on a timely manner and satisfactorily. Woolentor Pro is a must have plugin. Truly Exceptional.

Sales Order Pop-up

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nexlenstore (@nexlenstore)

The support team was very helpful and response time was impressive.

All great

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yessybeautybox (@yessybeautybox)

I’ve been using Shoplentor for about 4 months and I find it to be a resource well done and studied in every detail. The free version must be known, but over time you will appreciate the potential so much that, like me, you end up buying the pro. I recently went pro, paying in a single payment and very little compared to the potential of the plugin, which offers a panorama of crazy and multifunctional functions. After the purchase I needed to fix a small bug or error of one of the plugin’s functions (exactly the partial payments module), maybe it wasn’t working well because of some other plugin installed. I contacted the support from the official site and the next day they replied and assisted me. Time 48 hours and the error has been corrected. Really fantastic. Keep it up, I hope to always see new features and integrate the site. Thank you

Helpful customer support!

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loodusemees (@loodusemees)

When making my first e-shop, a silly situation arose where the store’s Checkout did not work properly in certain specific cases. It took a whole month to solve this problem, but it was nice to experience that Shoplentor’s user support was thinking along all the time and finally helped to put the Checkout to work properly.

Fast support, great plugin!

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lesi2000 (@lesi2000)

I am amazed how fast the support works! They helped me with everyting. I highly recommend this plugin.

Excellent Support

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findanewwebsite (@findanewwebsite)

I added my premium/pro code to the staging site when building a new website. The finished site needs the same code and I forgot my login for has themes support so emailed a reply to where the receipt came from. Within 10 minutes they had replied and reset my license so I could update the plugin for the client. Happy client, happy me, happy days!!! Excellent support compared to most other plugin devs, keep up the good work guys.

Amazing Plugin with Excellent Support

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microyoda (@microyoda)

Glad I found this plugin. Probably one of the best WooCommerce page builders. The support team is very friendly. Recommended!

Amazing Plugin with Excellent Support

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microyoda (@microyoda)

Glad I found this plugin. Probably one of the best WooCommerce page builders. The support team is very friendly. Recommended!

Quick response and very helpful

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frits14 (@frits14)

The helped me really well with my problem

good for products not for service providers

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cadentic1982 (@cadentic1982)

good for products single vendors not for service providers compatible with elementor though. lack of cloud integration options. it’s 15-2o years now aws is rolling out their business but no compatibility for cloud SaaS integrations.

good customer service support

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vrcofcommerce (@vrcofcommerce)

thanks to woolentor team for their extreme support and their services. You people are quick and fast solving issues very quickly

Phenomenal support and excellent plug-in

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spine883 (@spine883)

While creating my website, I encountered a problem with the plug-in and the “related product” element. After days of unsuccessful attempts, I decided to contact the assistance which was immediately friendly and available to investigate my problem. They asked me to install a plug-in that would allow them to access the wordpress dashboard temporarily and with minimal privileges: initially I was skeptical, but in the end I agreed and in less than half a day they solved my problem, which was revealed a simple CSS conflict of my wordpress theme. I would like to thank Tarek, who took care of my problem, and the developers for the great work they have done to create such a complete plug-in even in the free version. My rating: – Friendliness 5/5 – Efficiency 5/5 – Speed 5/5

Quick response and helpful

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islandbuddy (@islandbuddy)

They responded quickly to provide the solution to fix the issue. It was very helpful.

Soo fantastic support and Plugin

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billalben (@billalben)

To be honest, guys. The plugin so useful and I recommend it to everyone to use it. Also, the support was great and so fast in the chat. Thanks a lot for all the team.

Great support from the dev team

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podionne (@podionne)

Our team bought the Pro version and we are satisfied so far! We had great support from the support team with our questions. They are available to help. Thanks!


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mefagu (@mefagu)

My previous comment was for another plugin. There was some mistake. This plugin is awesome!

great support and plugin

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webrex2013 (@webrex2013)

nice plugin

A support like it should be

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digitalkultur (@digitalkultur)

Cool Support Guys and very freindly.

Great online chat support service

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archerwisdom (@archerwisdom)

Just downloaded this plugin… The online chat support is great and helpful.

Fantastic support for a great plugin

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linguamasteri (@linguamasteri)

Finally a plugin that allows you to make Woo Commerce more your own that functions really well. And really easy to use too. I had a couple of issues (that ended up being down to other plugins, not Woolentor) but Woolentor support was excellent and helped me resolve the issues.


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urbanlah (@urbanlah)

This plugin is not just woocommerce plugin to beautifuly show your products, but, most impotrant, it works much faster than any theme, because themes read all attributes from products to display them in products archive. This doesn’t so it works fast. Very fast! And support… Amazing!

Support is very good

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bedicsgabor (@bedicsgabor)

Thank you Tarek!

Very Good and Nice Supports

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kwariexp (@kwariexp)

I added my premium/pro code to the staging site when building a new website. The finished site needs the same code and I forgot my login for has themes support so emailed a reply to where the receipt came from. Within 10 minutes they had replied and reset my license so I could update the plugin for the client.

Excellent support

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soundmatters (@soundmatters)

Really went above and beyond to sort a new code for my staging site. Fast and friendly support. The plugin makes building a WooCommerce store much easier.

Problem with woocommerce Image

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salweb (@salweb)

how come it doesn’t show me woocommerce images when I use the widget Universal Product Layout? on another installation it works perfectly. What can it depend on?

Phenomenal support!

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malco1 (@malco1)

There will often be issues when plugins are added to a website, and I have had a couple after adding Woolentor by HasThemes, but the difference always is how well the developer’s support helps you get over them. In this regard I’ve got to say that their support has been exceptional – even when the issue has been because of something that maybe I should have spotted myself!

Great plugin and Excellent support!

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alexser (@alexser)

Glad I found this plugin. Probably one of the best WooCommerce page builders. The support team is very friendly. Recommended!

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