Shopify Style Checkout Page in WooCommerce

Building a Shopify style checkout page is a lot easier than you think. In this post, I’ll share how you can create a checkout page for your WooCommmerce store within minutes.

Convert more shoppers to your store

With WooLentor, you can build a Shopify style checkout page on WooCommerce
and make the process of buying products easier and faster.

Convert more shoppers to your store

One Click Setup

No need to hire a developer. No need to learn to code. Just use WooLentor for free and build your own Shopify style checkout page for your online store with a single click from the setting panel.

Design an amazing checkout page in just minutes

With WooLentor, you can design your own Shopify-style checkout page without any code in less than 2 minutes. It’s easy, fast, and free – just install the plugin in your store and start building!

Increase conversion rate

Boost conversion rates for your online store with WooLentor’s powerful features such as beautiful graphics, easy navigation, and faster checkout process, etc.

Tired of losing your customers to other sites because of the clunky checkout process?

You need to stand out from the competition with a gorgeous, custom checkout page for your WooCommerce store.
But you want to avoid the costs of hiring a designer. WooLentor is the perfect solution!

Shopify Style Checkout Page Screenshots

Shopify Style Checkout page’s basic and straightforward appearance is evident.
Customers only have to go through three phases to buy an item. How simple is it for a customer! Only 3 steps.

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