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Generate QR codes from the WordPress dashboard effortlessly.

QR Code Generator - HT QR Code Generator WordPress plugin

HT QR Code Generator WordPress plugin is an exclusive that you can use to generate QR codes from your WordPress dashboard. There are various ways by which you can generate QR codes such as shortcodes, Elementor widget, etc. With this amazing plugin, you can generate QR codes for custom text/link, mail-to link, email message, mobile message, phone call number, current page link, etc.

The use of QR codes on websites has increased significantly because they are versatile, effective, and interactive. Being scanned by users, the QR codes can be used to store and save data on a mobile phone. This enables quick access to websites and information without having to type it all! The possibilities really are limitless when you think about how much money could potentially be saved with this one tool alone- not only does advertising cost less but navigating through your website becomes quicker for everyone involved as well.

Feature List of QR Code Generator:

  • QR Code Download and Print.
  • QR Code Download and Print Button Enable and Disable Options.
  • Custom Button Style.
  • Custom QR Code Design.
  • Required Patterns that support dot style.
  • Support for Quiet Zone settings.
  • Support custom Position Pattern inner fill and outer border color.
  • Support custom Alignment Pattern inner fill and outer border color.
  • Support custom Timing Patterns vertical, horizontal color.
  • Support Logo images
  • Support Background Image.
  • Multi Language Support.

QR Codes Styles

QR Code Generator Style
QR Code Generator Style
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Compatible With:
Latest Version of WordPress and WooCommerce