WooCommerce Backorder Manager

WooLentor’s WooCommerce backorder module helps you to increase sales by enabling customers to place orders for products that are currently out of stock. This module provides a solution for anyone who sells products online and wants to provide customers with the ability to order items that are out of stock.

Explore some advantages of WooCommerce Backorder Manager Module

Check a few advantages of using the WooCommerce Backorder Manager module by helping your customers to place orders for products that are currently out of stock. That way, your customers can still buy what they need, and you can decrease your inventory costs.


Get every purchase

Sell what you can’t keep on the shelves, and do it in a way that keeps your customers coming back for more. WooLentor has your back with features designed to manage inventory and backorder products, so you can get every purchase.

Sell more, sell easier

Backordering allows for last-minute purchases while also maintaining inventory levels and allowing you to take backorders for items that are currently out of stock, which can improve your sales and enhance customer satisfaction.

Reduce costs and increase sales

Backordered items can reduce costs and increase your sales. It can be more cost-effective than trying to find more stock, and it’s a great way to get a sale from customers who are willing to wait for the product they want.

Are you experiencing trouble making sales and searching for a way to get rid of this?

With the help of WooLentor’s WooCommerce backorder module, you can stock the inventory you need, when you need it.

WooCommerce Backorder Manager
Module Screenshots

Backordering has never been this easy! Let’s take a look at some screenshots of how the Backorder WooCommerce module works.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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