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WooCommerce Multi Currency

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Take your online business to greater heights by offering multiple currency options for a better customer experience. Effortless currency management options will help you reach global audiences worldwide.


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Getting started with ShopLentor's Currency Switcher Module

Discover the vast possibilities of ShopLentor’s Multi Currency options and witness how it can expand your business globally.

Step 1: Enable/Disable the Currency Switcher Module.

Navigate to ShopLentor > Settings > Module tab. Open Currency Switcher from the list, then enable/disable the module.

WooLentor multi currency module

Step 2: Add Unlimited number of Currencies

Empower your store with limitless currency options for enhanced global accessibility and increased sales.

Get Absolute Control Over Currencies with Advanced Settings

Maximize the currency-switching experience to the next level, ensuring customer satisfaction like never before.

Decimal Precision for Professional Currency Display

Achieve precision in your online store's currency display. Tailor decimal points for a polished, professional appearance with ease and sophistication.

Symbol Placement for Currency Precision

Optimize currency visibility. Tailor symbol placement for precision, elevate professionalism, enhance user experience, and achieve global trust effortlessly.

Manage Exchange Rates with Ease

Effortlessly manage currency exchange rates. Stay updated with real-time information, ensuring accurate and reliable transactions for a seamless global business experience.

Efficient Currency Exchange Fee Management

Simplify currency exchange fees management. Enhance transparency, streamline transactions, and optimize your business finances for a more efficient and profitable operation.

Currency-Based Payment Method Control

Effortlessly control payment methods based on currency. Optimize checkout experience, offering tailored options for smoother transactions and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Customize Your Unique Currency Symbol

Define a distinct currency symbol. Infuse brand identity, elevate professionalism, and create a unique shopping experience, enhancing global appeal effortlessly.

Define Default Currency for Consistency

Establish a default currency seamlessly. Ensure consistency, simplify transactions, and provide customers with a familiar starting point for enhanced shopping satisfaction.

Exceptional Attributes of Our Multi-Currency Module

Unlock versatile currency management. Elevate global transactions effortlessly, providing users with a seamless shopping experience.

Versatile Currency Options

Cater to diverse audiences globally with unlimited currency choices for an inclusive shopping experience.

Decimal Precision Control

Craft a polished display with precise visuals using customizable decimal points for a professional and refined currency presentation.

Symbol Placement Customization

Enhance aesthetics by strategically placing currency symbols, creating an appealing visual experience for your online store.

Real-time Exchange Rate Updates

Stay informed with dynamic exchange rates, guaranteeing accurate pricing in a fluctuating global market.

Transparent Exchange Fee Setting

Enhance customer trust by setting clear exchange fees, ensuring transparency in international transactions.

Payment Method Customization

Streamline checkouts by disabling specific payment methods based on selected currencies for a seamless experience.

Custom Currency Symbol

Infuse brand identity with a unique currency symbol, creating a memorable and distinctive shopping atmosphere.

Default Currency Configuration

Establish consistency by defining a default currency, providing a familiar starting point for global customers.

Visualize Your Currency Diversity Impact

See the impact of diverse currencies on your store’s dynamics, enhancing user experience and global reach. Imagine the influence of diverse currencies on your store.

Multi-Currency Dropdown Style
Currency Dropdown Style
Multi-Currency List Style
Currency List Style
Customization Style

Unleash ShopLentor's Dynamic Multi-Currency Experience

Integrate ShopLentor’s Multi-Currency seamlessly. Craft compelling calls-to-action, boosting interaction, conversions, and overall website effectiveness effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Explore answers to common queries about ShopLentor’s Multi-Currency feature, empowering you to unlock its full potential effortlessly.

No limits! ShopLentor allows you to add an unlimited number of currencies to cater to your diverse customer base.

Absolutely! You have full control over decimal precision, ensuring a tailored and professional display for each currency.

You can manually set exchange rates or opt for real-time updates, providing flexibility to accommodate market fluctuations.

Yes, ShopLentor allows you to customize payment methods, ensuring a streamlined checkout process based on selected currencies.

Certainly! Symbol placement customization is available, allowing you to refine the aesthetics of your online store.

Setting a custom symbol infuses your brand identity, creating a unique and memorable shopping experience for your customers.

Absolutely! Seamlessly integrate the currency switcher into your Elementor designs using the dedicated widget for a customized appearance.

You can define a default currency to maintain consistency, offering a familiar starting point for customers worldwide.

Yes, ShopLentor promotes transparency by allowing you to set clear exchange fees, building trust in international transactions.

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