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Halt visitor loss! Skyrocket email lists, boost leads, and amplify sales using the ultimate conversion optimization toolkit globally. Unlock ShopLentor’s Popup Builder today!

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Discovering How ShopLentor Popup Builder Operates

Uncover ShopLentor Popup Builder’s mechanics to enhance engagement, capture leads, and maximize conversions effortlessly.

Step 1: Activate/Deactivate Popup Builder Module.

Navigate to Shoplentor > Settings > Module tab. Open Popup Builder from the list, then enable/disable the module.

Step 2: Create Limitless Popup Templates

Harness Elementor or Gutenberg to craft countless popup templates with boundless creativity.

Fine-Tune Your Pop-Up Experience with Settings

Customize triggers, conditions, appearance, and behavior to create engaging pop-ups tailored to your audience.

Tailor Pop-Up Display with Smart Conditions

Refine pop-up visibility using nuanced conditions such as inclusion or exclusion of entire site sections, archives, singular items, and WooCommerce elements for strategic engagement.


Triggering Engaging Pop-Ups for Every Interaction

Employ various triggers like page load, scroll, click, specific element click, after inactivity, and page exit intent to captivate users with timely and relevant pop-up content.


User Experience General Popup Controls

Tailor user interaction with options like disabling page scroll, dismissing via Esc key or overlay click, closing after page scroll, and automated dismissal with adjustable delay.


Customizing Pop-Up Appearance for Visual Excellence

Achieve visual perfection with customization choices such as vertical/horizontal position, dimensions, z-index, margin, and padding, allowing your pop-ups to seamlessly blend and captivate.


Tailored Popup Display Controls for Enhanced Engagement

Discover advanced options in Popup Settings for precise customization toggle 'Do Not Show Again,' restrict visibility based on URL conditions, and target specific devices or browsers to optimize popup reach and engagement effectively.


Remarkable Features of Our Popup Builder

Explore our Popup Builder’s exclusive features designed to captivate audiences and boost engagement on your website.

Popup Builder

Prebuilt Popup Template

Simplify your design process using our curated collection of prebuilt popup templates. Effortlessly customize and engage.

Drag & Drop Popup Builder

Effortlessly design captivating popups using intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, elevating user engagement and conversions.

Intuitive Dashboard

Seamlessly manage all your popup creations through ShopLentor's user-friendly and intuitive dashboard, Streamline customization.

Unlimited Pop-Up Creation

Craft unlimited captivating popups using ShopLentor, enhancing user interaction and boosting conversions seamlessly.

Display Location

Pop-ups can be set to appear on specific locations within the website, allowing for targeted messaging. Tailor popups to specific spots.

Popup Trigger Options

Pop-ups can be triggered using the Elementor page builder and WordPress Gutenberg block editor with popular content creation tools.

Unlimited Conditions

Users can set up various conditions that determine when and where a pop-up should appear, offering a high degree of customization.

Position Vertical/Horizontal

Easily adjust pop-up placement both vertically and horizontally for precise content display. Customize the vertical and horizontal positioning.

Visualize Your Popups' Page Presence

Explore our intuitive preview section within the Popup Builder to see exactly how your popups will be positioned and interact with your webpage.

Full Screen
Slide In
Top/Bottom Bar

Explore All Possibilities

Exclusive Content

Youtube Video

Map Integration

Video Embed

Social Sharing

Vimeo Videos

Contact Forms

Coupon Codes

Special Offer

Newsletter Signup

User Surveys

Quiz and Polls

Testimonials and Reviews

Event Calendar

Interactive Element

Amplify Engagement with ShopLentor's Popup Builder Module

Seamlessly integrate ShopLentor’s Popup Builder to craft captivating call-to-action pop-ups, enhancing user interaction, conversions, and overall website effectiveness.

Answers to Your Queries (FAQ)

Find solutions to common inquiries about ShopLentor’s Popup Builder feature, empowering you with the knowledge to maximize its potential for your website.

Yes, you have the flexibility to choose between Elementor and Gutenberg editors to design and customize your popups according to your preferred workflow and familiarity.

No worries! ShopLentor is optimized for performance, ensuring that your popups don’t negatively impact your site’s speed.

Absolutely! The Popup Builder allows you to craft an unlimited number of popup templates using Elementor or Gutenberg editors.

Absolutely! You can create popups tailored for WooCommerce pages, such as product archives and individual product pages, to enhance your online store’s engagement and sales.

You can trigger popups using various actions like on page load, on scroll, on click, after inactivity, and even on page exit intent.

When enabled, this option allows popups to be dismissed automatically after a set delay, enhancing user experience.

You can adjust popup behavior in the General Settings, including options to disable page scroll, dismiss on Esc key, and more.

Conditions enable you to specify where and when popups should appear, such as on entire site, archives, singular items, and WooCommerce pages.

Absolutely! Use the “Customize” options to control vertical/horizontal position, dimensions, margin, padding, and more.

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