WP Plugin Manager​

Allows you to disable plugins for certain pages or posts.

WP Plugin Manager - Deactivate Plugin Per Page

WP Plugin Manager is an excellent WordPress plugin enabling you to deactivate plugin per page. To ensure the best and fastest performance of your WordPress site, it’s important for you to keep the number of components on your site at a minimum. The WP Plugin Manager Pro helps you with that by giving you the freedom to deactivate unnecessary plugins page-wise. So, if you are not using some particular plugins anymore but you find it time-consuming to get rid of them per page, just use WP plugin manager pro to deactivate them page-wise at once and boost the performance of your site.

Feature List of Deactivate Plugin Per Page:

  • Makes a website faster
  • Works with any theme or plugin
  • Easy to use


Disable or Deactivate plugin per page using WP Plugin Manager
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Compatible With:
Latest Version of WordPress and WooCommerce