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CF7 Extensions - Contact form 7 Extensions plugin

If you’re looking for an ideal contact form 7 extensions plugin with multiple options, CF7 Extensions is the right solution.

The contact form is one of the most important elements for any website because it lets visitors fill out a web-based form and submit what they are interested in to send you an email. This helps site owners interact with more users while also keeping your email address secret so spammers can’t scrape from our websites!

If you are looking for an interactive and customizable contact form, Contact Form 7 has everything that you need. With all the modern features provided by the Extensions for CF7 Pro plugin, you can make your forms more organized and create a professional-looking online submission page very easily.

This useful tool comes with many remarkable features where the basic features include saving submissions made through Contact Form 7 in your database, redirecting users to any page of choice once their message has been successfully submitted, and enabling conditional logic so that fields on the form can be made either hidden or visible depending on input from visitors.

That’s not all; you can take advantage of many other advanced features by using this amazing plugin. The advanced features include drag and drop file upload, repeater field, trigger error for already submitted forms, popup form response, country flags and dial codes with a telephone input field and acceptance field, etc.

Feature List of Contact form 7 Extensions plugin:


  • Save contact form submission data and handle it through the dashboard.
  • Export and import CSV files easily.
  • Search the contact form submissions time and date wise.
  • Delete Submission Data.
Save Contact Form 7 Submission


  • Easily apply conditions to any field to show or hide.
  • Add multiple AND conditions.
  • Easily apply conditions with the exact value.
Contact Form 7 Conditional Field


  • Easily redirect to any page after form submission.
  • Redirect the page to a new tab.
  • Add specific JavaScript action.
Contact Form 7 Redirection after Submissions

Advanced Features

  • Already Submitted: Trigger an error if a field is already submitted
  • Repeater Field: Repeater Field allows creating one or more fields dynamically
  • Popup Form Response: Replace your validation and success messages with beautiful popup messages to attract visitors.


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