Was This Helpful

Receive visitors' Feedback on Blog posts or Articles.

Was This Helpful Receive visitor's Feedback on Blog posts or Articles

The plugin Was this helpful? is a great way to improve your website’s ratings and get feedback from visitors. Visitors can simply answer by liking, disliking, or even typing in their thoughts on the post. These easy-to-use WordPress plugins allow you to take quick and straightforward feedback that will help make necessary changes for customer satisfaction as well as improve your ranking on Google searches.

This plugin comes with an intuitive options panel letting you can do the basic and style settings. All the necessary customization options are available so that you can change the button text, margin, padding, color, and so on to fine-tune this widget to your heart’s content. Besides, you can check the positive and negative reports.

Feature List of Was This Helpful:

  • Works on Custom Post Types.
  • Feedback Input Form
  • Feedback Reports in Dashboard
  • Limited Multiple Feedback in the same article.
  • Works on Post, Pages.


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