10+ Exit Intent Popup Examples to Increase Conversions

Are you struggling to retain visitors to your WooCommerce website and convert them into customers? Harnessing the power of exit intent popups could be the solution you’re looking for! 

This comprehensive guide will explore over 10 captivating Exit Intent Popup Examples proven to boost conversions. Whether new to the concept or looking to revamp your existing strategy, these examples will inspire and guide you toward maximizing your website’s potential. 

Get ready to transform your bounce rates into conversion opportunities with these innovative Exit Intent Popup Examples.

What is an Exit Intent Popup?

An exit intent popup is a form of online advertising designed to grab visitors’ attention and direct them toward the desired action when they intend to leave the site. An overlay appears when a visitor is about to leave your site. 

The main goal of an exit popup is to retain the visitor’s interest by offering something valuable. Presenting them with targeted messages, offers, or incentives can encourage them to stay on the site or complete a desired action. 

This action could include purchasing, signing up for a newsletter, or engaging with content. 

The primary goal of an exit intent popup is to grab the visitor’s attention, make them reconsider leaving, and finally convert them into loyal customers or subscribers. To achieve this goal, the popup should deliver a compelling offer or message that resonates with the target audience. 

For example, if the primary goal of a popup is to increase sales, it may offer a discount code or special offer to incentivize users to complete a purchase before they leave the site. 

How Exit-Intent Popups Work?

Exit-intent popups are designed to detect when a user is about to leave a website and trigger a popup message. “About to leave” might be determined by various signals, such as moving a cursor toward the top of the browser to close the window or move to a new address. 

This technology utilizes mouse movement to determine when visitors will likely exit the page. 

When the system detects this behavior, it prompts the display of a targeted message or offer, enticing the user to stay or take a specific action before leaving. 

Exit-intent popups capture attention, re-engage visitors, and convert abandoning users into customers or leads when they attempt to leave.

How Do Exit-Intent Popups Work on Mobile?

Exit-intent popups on mobile devices function similarly but with adjustments for smaller screens and touch-based interactions. When a user exhibits exit intent, such as scrolling to leave or attempting to close the browser window, the popup triggers based on specific parameters like cursor movement or touch gestures. 

Additionally, mobile exit-intent popups may leverage features like swipe gestures or tap actions for users to engage with the popup content or dismiss it if desired.

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Exit-intent Popup Best Practices

Exit-intent popups can be powerful tools for engaging website visitors and increasing conversions when implemented effectively. Here are some best practices:

Offer Value: 

Give visitors a compelling reason to stay or return, such as exclusive discounts, free shipping, access to valuable content, or limited-time offers.

Timing is Key: 

Trigger the popup when the user intends to leave, such as moving the cursor towards the browser’s close button or scrolling upwards rapidly.

Keep it Simple: 

Design clean and concise popups with a clear message and call-to-action (CTA). Avoid overwhelming users with too much information or cluttered designs.


Use language and imagery that speaks directly to your target audience, making them feel like the popup was created specifically for them. This can increase the chances of conversion. 

Mobile Optimization: 

Ensure your exit-intent popups are mobile-friendly and responsive, providing a seamless experience across all devices.

Test and track results: 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different designs, messages, and offers to see what resonates best with your audience. Use analytics tools like Google Analytics to track the success of your exit intent popups.

Make it easy to close: 

Always include an option to close the exit intent popup easily. Forcing visitors to stay on your site can be frustrating and may push them away even further.

What Makes Exit Intent Popup Great?

Customizable design and content enable exit-intent popups to meet the specific needs of any business. Multiple elements play a crucial role in creating an effective exit-intent popup:


The first thing your customers will glance at is the headline. It should be short, attention-grabbing, and utterly clear. It must convey your offer or message clearly and encourage the visitor to read more.


A CTA is the main action you want your visitors to take, such as subscribing or purchasing. It should be prominently placed so that it’s impossible to miss. Ensure you communicate what action you want the user to take, whether buying or following you on social media.

Popup Design

Since the main purpose of an exit intent popup is to grab a visitor’s attention before they leave, it’s important to use bright colors, bold fonts, and visually appealing graphics to make your message stand out.


An image can differ between a user continuing to engage with the popup or closing it. Make sure the image complements the offer or message and is of high-quality. It should be the first thing to catch a visitor’s eye.


Tailor the popup content based on the user’s behavior, preferences, or demographics to make it more relevant and engaging.


The timing for when the popup appears must be precise. Too early, and it’s likely to be ignored. Too late, and the exit may already be executed. The balance may vary for each website and requires A/B testing to find what works best.

10+ Exit Intent Popup Examples

An exit-intent popup is less intrusive than a traditional popup since it only appears when the visitor is already disengaged from your website.  The possibilities for exit intent popups are endless, from subscription forms to personalized offers. 

To help you get started, we’ve rounded up 10+ exit intent popup examples that will inspire your next marketing campaign. These exit intent popup examples are a great starting point for creating effective exit intent popups, whether you’re looking to promote a new product or increase your subscriber list.

Example 1: Special Offer Popup

A special offer popup that gives a sense of urgency, such as “24-hour sale” or “First 50 customers only,” can be particularly effective. The example can showcase a “Buy One Get One Free” deal with a clear CTA to increase urgency.

Special Offer Popup
Special Offer Popup

Why this popup works: Kate Sommerville employs an exit-intent strategy focusing on ‘Early Access’ to induce FOMO and a 20% discount to reinforce messaging. Additionally, they offer more gifts, including $95 worth of products for purchases of $150 or more, providing an incentive for visitors to reconsider leaving.

Example 2: Discount Code Popup

Visitors are given a unique discount code, encouraging them to complete their purchase with added savings. This simple and effective popup offers a percentage off on the purchase. The headline and CTA should display the benefit and how to redeem the code.

Discount Code Popup
Discount Code Popup

Why this popup works: Zutano boosts website retention by offering visitors a $10 discount on their next order without requiring commitment or information. The exit popup is effective, featuring a catchy headline and brand-aligned visuals, facilitating easy conversions by distributing discount codes without customer information.

Example 3: Membership Popup

This popup promotes membership or loyalty programs, highlighting the benefits of joining and encouraging visitors to sign up. If your website has a membership or loyalty program, a popup offering to join could increase customer retention and immediate engagement. This example can mention benefits such as ‘exclusive deals’ and ‘points on every purchase’ to lure users into signing up. 

Membership Popup
Membership Popup

Why this popup works: This popup from Tommy Hilfiger effectively captures the brand’s essence with its iconic red and blue logo showcased as the background. Additionally, the text within the modal eloquently highlights the advantages of joining the “club,” making the message both clear and compelling.

Example 4: Shopping Popup

A popup that “remembers” a visitor’s browsing history offers a highly personalized and engaging experience. Featuring popular or recommended products, it encourages visitors to discover additional items before leaving the site. It could highlight items ‘left behind’ in the shopping cart with a call-to-action to ‘complete the purchase.’  

Shopping Popup
Shopping Popup

Why this popup works: This example of an exit intent popup intelligently suggests products related to what the user has previously viewed, effectively capturing their interest with offerings too compelling to overlook.

Example 5: SaaS Exit Intent Popup

For software as a service (SaaS) websites, this popup may offer a free trial or demo to encourage sign-ups or conversions.

The goal is to provide value and re-engage with an offer the user would find hard to refuse.

SaaS Exit Intent Popup
SaaS Exit Intent Popup

Why this popup works: Qualaroo uses discreet popup Nudges to engage visitors, offering a demo of their tool. If a visitor declines, a follow-up Nudge inquires about their interest, whether it’s pricing, a product tour, or something else, enhancing user engagement with subtlety.

Example 6: Email Newsletter Popup

Building a community through email newsletters is a common goal. This popup could offer an exclusive whitepaper or monthly insights on product-related topics. 

Email Newsletter Popup
Email Newsletter Popup

Why this popup works: Varley is an activewear brand that designs quality clothes and accessories for women in yoga, training, and running. A simple yet stylish discount popup appears on Varley’s landing page, offering 10% off your first order for subscribing to their newsletter. The black-and-white color scheme and the image enhance the overall design.

Example 7: Learn Course Popup

This popup promotes educational courses or resources, encouraging visitors to expand their knowledge or skills with relevant content. If your business offers learning resources, a popup linking to a free webinar or course preview could be effective.

Learn Course Popup
Learn Course Popup

Why this popup works: It presents a complimentary course, emphasizing its features to attract visitors and encourage them to sign up.

Example 8: Free Guide Popup

Services like consultation, planning, or in-depth guides can use this popup to connect with users about to exit.

Free Guide Popup
Free Guide Popup

Why this popup works: This popup offers a free guide in exchange for your email address. It is a popular strategy many businesses use. It comes with an eye-catching cover image and a quick rundown of what’s inside, tempting visitors to grab their download.

Example 9: Leave Checkout Popup

This popup may appear when a visitor is about to leave the checkout process without completing their purchase. It offers incentives or assistance to encourage them to finalize their transaction.

Leave Checkout Popup
Leave Checkout Popup

Why this popup works: The copy showcases ethical marketing by not pressuring visitors to checkout, instead politely asking if they wish to leave. It reassures customers that their cart items are saved and makes the “checkout now” CTA button prominent in the popup.

Example 10: Agency Exit Popup example

For agencies or service providers, this popup highlights the benefits of working with the agency and encourages visitors to inquire or book a consultation.

General Assembly
General Assembly

Why this popup works: General Assembly’s popup form uses a compelling headline and a simple, three-field format to ensure quick completion. It also features checkboxes for topics, showcasing the offerings and enhancing user understanding, even if they haven’t thoroughly explored the website.

WordPress Plugin to Create an Exit Intent Popup

Several WordPress plugins are available to simplify the process of creating an exit intent popup. These plugins provide customizable templates and easy-to-use tools for creating effective popups that increase website conversions.

ShopLentor’s Popup Builder module effortlessly creates exit-intent popups for your website. With prebuilt templates and intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, you can design popups that match your brand’s style. 

shoplentor popup builder

With features like precise targeting, flexible triggers, and visual previews, ShopLentor’s Popup Builder module offers endless possibilities for boosting audience engagement on your WooCommerce store.

Key Features:

  • Ready-made Popup Templates
  • Easy-to-use Drag & Drop Functionality
  • Dashboard for effortless control
  • Unlimited Popup Creation offers endless possibilities
  • Precise Targeting ensures effective display
  • Flexible Triggers allow seamless interaction
  • Custom Conditions personalize experiences
  • Adjustable Positioning for perfect placement
  • An intuitive visual Preview provides a glimpse of perfection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good exit intent popup?

A good exit-intent popup understands the visitor’s needs and intent. It provides a clear value proposition with a CTA that resonates with the visitor’s reason for leaving.

Why would you use an exit intent popup?

Convert departing visitors into leads or customers, decrease bounce rates, and enhance conversions on your website.

What Makes an Exit-Intent Popup Effective?

An effective exit-intent popup is well-timed, offers value, and provides a clear CTA.

Can I personalize my exit-intent popups?

Yes, you can personalize your exit-intent popups with various WooCommerce plugins. One highly recommended option is the popup module offered by ShopLentor. This module offers extensive customization options to align popups with your brand’s style and message easily.

Can I use popups on exit from checkout?

Using popups when customers exit checkout should be approached with caution. They should add value to the customer and attempt to solve their exit intent through a tailored offer, such as free shipping or a discount.


Exit Intent popups are smart marketing tools that offer businesses a second chance to engage with potential customers. They help reduce bounce rates and increase the chances of converting visitors into loyal customers.

By understanding your audience and providing valuable offers or information, you can effectively capture their attention before they leave your site. 

However, knowing where to start with so many different ways to design and implement exit intent popups can be hard. That’s where this collection of 10+ exit intent popup examples comes in handy. 

With the help of WordPress plugins and proper measurement, you can optimize your exit intent popups for maximum effectiveness.

So why not give it a try with the convenient and versatile ShopLentor popup module? It’s easy to install and customize and greatly impacts your bottom line.

Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to convert more visitors into loyal customers. Start implementing exit-intent popups on your WordPress site today and see how they can impact your business.

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